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Make your listings searchable on Google
You can post your listings on Google Base in several ways:
  1. Bulk upload files. Bulk upload files, also known as feeds, are the most convenient way to add numerous items to Google Base, but you'll need technical staff that can export listings from your database on a regular basis and create the proper upload file.

  2. Google Base API. If your techies are whiz-bang programmers, they can use the Google Base API to upload listings to Base instantaneously.

You also have the following options to include your listings on Google:

  1. IDX vendor. If a web vendor built your site for you, you can ask them to upload your listings into Base. This works best when your site's property search feature conforms to the Internet Data Exchange (IDX) standard.

  2. We'll do it for you. If you don't have either technical resources for bulk uploads or an IDX vendor who can upload your listings, we can work to get your listings directly from your MLS(s) to Google Base without any technical effort on your part. This option requires signing some contracts and takes about a month to set up.

  3. Indexing your website. If you have your listings are posted on a website, you can ask us to index it. Although we can't index all the sites that are suggested to us, we appreciate your request and will review it.

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